Leopard Rock Coffee Shop – Restaurant with the best view in South Africa

Leopard Rock view Leopard Rock

Cliff and I have travelled South Africa extensively, there are few towns which we have not passed through or visited.  Throughout our travels I cannot think of a restaurant with a view to rival Leopard Rock Coffee Shop’s, make no mistake there are some stunners but this one is super special.  The panorama of Oribi Gorge is breathtaking.  If you are visiting the Oribi Gorge area Leopard Rock Cafe is simply a must visit, in fact if you are within a 50km radius it would be tragic folly not to go.

Leopard Rock Chicken Burger

Cliff made a valid comment that we have eaten at some restaurants with incredible views, in lovely gardens or with attractive, interesting decor, but in a few cases the owners seem to think that this enough and very often the meals have been at best average or even below par.  You can go on a hike for a great view, try Elephant’s Eye Cave on Constantia mountain or umpteen other options, but you go to a restaurant to eat and if the food is shoddy the experience is spoiled.  Leopard Rock Coffee Shop obviously take pride in their meals and from presentation to taste it is clear that the food is prepared with quality as a central philosophy.

I was so grateful to the kind gentleman (not sure if he is the owner or member of staff) who was most patient and helpful when Acacia had a most embarassing strop.  Awful Mum had the 1st sip of her yummy strawberry milkshake causing the tantrum and he topped it up to remedy my error.  Then when she continued to wail our waiter added fresh sprinkles, which finally appeased her.  I would not have enjoyed my lovely meal had she continued in her misery.

Sadly our camera battery died, I would have loved to snap some pics of us on the famous Leopard Rock but when we pass the area again I’m sure that we shall return to Leopard Rock Coffee Shop.

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