Magical Meerkat memories made at Marrick Safari in Kimberley

We have explored our wonderful South Africa extensively over the years, but now and then memories are made that will endure a lifetime.  On our return to Gauteng from Cape Town we drove via Kimberly to take the children to the big holeMein Heim guest farm and Mokala National park where we have stayed before were fully booked.  We found accommodation at Marrick Safari.

Arriving after dusk we could not explore the game farm and went straight to our unit.  It was clean, comfortable but contained nothing which would embed a lasting imprint.  In the morning we drove to the office to check out and head home on the last stretch of our journey.  A privilege beyond measure awaited us.  A meerkat couple’s babies had recently ventured forth from their burrow outside the office.  Instead of displaying reticence, the proud parents seemed happy to show off their precious offspring.  While keeping a watchful eye they allowed us to gently hold their adorable babies.  Daddy meerkat also enjoyed cuddles and took a particular shine to Fjord.  This will remain one of our most cherished memories ever.

We never had time to see more of Marrick Safari but hope to stay there again in the future.  Life in South Africa can be stressful and depressing but moments like these swell my heart with the joy of being an African.



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