Misty Mountain Hotel

Misty mountain rooms
Misty mountain rooms

The romance of mist swirls around the memory of our stay at Misty Mountain.  Beauty is most often clearly visible but the mystery of the unseen stirs imagination.  When the view from our room, the lovely meals and the fun of the swimming pool are forgotten the mist will be my enduring memory of our stay.

Misty mountain playground
Misty mountain playground

Our first day at Misty Mountain was hot, dusty and hazy.  We swam and enjoyed the heat.  We should have visited Sudwala Caves when the rain and mist rolled in on Sunday.  Instead we went to the caves on Saturday when it would have been better to be exploring the many waterfalls in the Sabie area.

Misty mountain restaurant misty mountain benchmisty mountain moss on tree

On Sunday (our last day) we were strapped for ideas regarding what to do before driving home.  I asked the gentleman at the wonderful bookstore in Sabie what we could do in the rainy weather.  His reply was “Eat, sleep or read”, excellent, sage advice but sadly impractical as we had checked out of Misty Mountain and have 2 small children who generally rule out the luxuries suggested.  We visited Horseshoe falls which was beautiful but rather damp.  I had a rather nasty fall on slippery rocks. Another good reason to visit the waterfalls in drier weather

All in all our weekend at Misty Mountain was lovely, a perfect break.  I just wish that we had the time and finances to stay longer, there is so much to do in the Sabie area and so many opportunities to soak up the peace of nature.

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