Dettol Antibacterial Wipes – useful twice in 1 weekend.

Fjord footNail

This is going to sound a bit like an ad, but it isn’t, I’m yet to be paid anything for my idlings here.  I do however really like to share when I find a product particularly good or useful.  After our last weekend away, I have decided to put together a first-aid box and Dettol wipes will be the 1st thing that I put in.  My packing is always a bit haphazard but thank goodness this time I had a small pack of Dettol Wipes in my handbag.  With 3-year-old messy Acacia, I like to have wet wipes in my handbag for clean ups.  This was the 1st time that I have bought Dettol Wipes, normally going for what I perceive as the gentler options, I only tried the Dettol wipes because when I was shopping for them, they happened to be the cheapest. 

We had not even arrived at our holiday destination in Sabie when we stopped for lunch, the kids bounded free from the confines of the car and ran to a jungle gym.  Fjord then stood barefoot on a nail, he screamed in agony and blood was pouring from his foot.  I lunged for the Dettol wipes and we used them to stop the bleeding, I kept thinking how grateful I was that I had something on hand with anti bacterial properties.  Later we took him to a doctor for a tetanus jab. 

Just a day later we went on a short walk to horseshoe falls, there was a light rain falling and the rocks were slippery.  I took a few photos of the pretty waterfall then tried to get a bit closer.  My hiking boots may as well have been banana peels, I slipped and fell hard on the rocks.   Once again I was grateful for Dettol Wipes to clean off the mud and blood before sticking a plaster over the worst graze. 

Well now that I’ve ticked off Dettol Wipes what else should I put in that 1st Aid Kit?

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