My moment as a songwriter – Be My Valentine

Many years ago, Leonard Downing asked me to write lyrics for a Valentine Song for him to play at a Valentines gig.  I wrote the lyrics and he wrote the music.  He also did a studio recording with a female vocalist, the song was played on East Coast Radio on Valentines day.  It was a rather rushed job done in a day or so.  The quality of the recording is very poor, I only have the song on a cassette tape, I played the tape and recorded as video on my camera.  Anyway it’s good to have some sort of record.

If you want to listen, here it is

And these are the lyrics


I can’t offer you tomorrow

But here I am today

On the shifting sands of time

Who knows if we will stay

I can’t offer you the gift of life

For it’s bigger than us both

We can’t bind up our destiny

With a simple oath


I’ve searched the shelves of bookstores

To find some words to claim as mine

But ribbons and cards can’t bind up love

And it flees from every line

All that I ask sincerely is “be my valentine”


If I give you roses

You must hold the thorns

Such is love

So it goes

The rules can’t be ignored

I may give you laughter

I may even share the load

But I can’t see the future past this part of the road


I can take you out to dinner

We can talk low

Wine and dine

Just for this day

Within this hour

This grain of sand in time

All that I ask sincerely

Is “be my valentine”


So hold my hand and walk with me

Right now you’re at my side

In the ebb and flow of who we are

Our spirits ride the tide


I won’t hold you to forever

Or promise joy divine

I can’t look you in the eye

And say that we’ll do fine

All that I ask sincerely

Is “be my valentine”

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  1. I have never fell somthing that i have fell after reading this

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