Not gunning for a Dale Carnegie award


** please don’t click ‘like’ if you’re not bothered to open a post **

I was quite mystified when a few times after posting a blog I would see that a few people had ‘liked’ the post but my stats showed 0 views yet.  Then I noticed on the reader page that you can ‘like’ a post without actually clicking on the link to the page.  Obviously some people scroll through the readers clicking ‘like’ as fast as their mouse can carry them, they do this so that you will be suitably flattered and go have a look at their page and naturally ‘like’ them.  Sorry but in my view this is dishonest and rather lame on the part of the liker.  Rather go play in the real world and make some real friends.  

I only ‘like’ a post if I actually like it, funny that!  I read many posts on the reader and probably click ‘like’ on less than 50% of those.  Recently I read one under ‘parenting’ a mother had gone to a sleep over and promised her child that she would be home at breakfast time, she pitched up after mid day to find a card from her child with a picture and the words “why were you home  late?” and she had the gall to post this as a blog instead of finally spending some time with her child.  If there were a ‘dislike’ button it could not have done my response justice. 

Apparently you can now buy followers on Twitter, and you thought ‘rent a crowd’ was a poor indictment on a person, this has ‘LOSER’ written all over it in flashing neon.  What happened to good old imaginary friends?!

Let’s make a deal (if you read this far) don’t blow smoke up my botty and I’ll return the favour

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  1. I like to think people like my blog because I have something worth saying. Maybe I don’t? Unfortunately true post you have there.

  2. I usually leave a comment as well, then you know I really have read it ha, good post Sula and it explains why some people I won’t mention have 34000 followers on Twitter

  3. I didn’t realise that you could like a page without reading it until I read your post, but of course I should have known that from the reader. And that got me thinking too – maybe that’s why ‘likes’ appear so quickly after I have posted. Maybe the post is not read at all. I appreciate that not everybody has time to comment, but ‘liking’ without reading is just rude. I do occasionally like and move on, but I have never used this method.
    Maybe WordPress should dump the like button from the reader as it really serves no useful purpose.

  4. LOL….I love it! Tell the truth and shame the devil 🙂 ……….. I think it sucks that people can buy twitter followers, it seems like cheating or something. Where is the honor and loyalty in the world today? Oh well, great post! Have a Blessed Day!!


  5. I’ve recently zapped about 120 “friends” on Facebook – it felt great. They were assorted people I have met once or twice sometime in the past, but I wouldn’t call them friends. Quality over quantity I say!

  6. Hah, dare I push the like button on this post without commenting? I wondered the same thing about one of my posts liked by someone whose language I don’t read…I didn’t know either about the liking without reading…What’s the world coming to? 🙂 Good post!

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