On 12 years of marriage and mending (maintaining)

Every year on our wedding anniversary, I wear the skirt and top which I wore the day we first met in the Nampak parking lot (we corresponded via matchmaker.com briefly before that).   We met on 5 March 2004 and married exactly a year later.  Over 13 years that skirt lining has perished, yesterday before wearing it, I mended it.  We live in a world where everything is disposable and few things are made to last, sadly many marriages are approached in the same manner.  Looking at my mended skirt, I felt a sense of wholeness, echoed in our marriage.  Our relationship has altered since those early days, sometimes it has been a little frayed but I’ve never felt that it’s beyond repair.

We married at Eagles Nest Restaurant at Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden and yesterday returned there to celebrate our anniversary

The seasons of marriage. Sometimes the waterfall is a trickle and sometimes an abundance.
I didn’t realise that the 12th anniversary still had a specific gift material. Cliff looked it up and bought me a lovely silk nightie. I gave him a SA Road Map book
It was a watery weekend. We also visited the Vaal Dam wall, wonderful particularly since the dam was below 30% at the start of summer




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