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Miss Grace Country Food House – a real treat

A friend who has visited and enjoyed the Walkerville Market sent me a link to’s post about it.  On Saturday we set forth to the market.  Unfortunately because most stall holders were at the annual Walkerville Agricultural Show down the road we could not form a real impression of the market but we will return.  We popped into the ... Read More »

Blue Haze, an idyllic meal stop between Durban and Joburg

Imagine how it would feel to line up a row of identical cherries on a slot machine, I got that feeling when we discovered Blue Haze Country Lodge.  Yesterday on our trip home from Durban to Joburg we made a most awesome discovery.  On the trip we always travel through part of the Natal Midlands, we buy honey for R28 ... Read More »

Where do you go to my Lovelies

Yesterday I watched my sea facing children on the shoreline of the beach.  For a long time they stood, occasionally throwing a handful of sand into the waves.  They drew in the sand but most they simply gazed over the water, their thoughts someplace I could not follow.  My point of mental focus further than the ships holding themselves above ... Read More »

Divas and Sheilas, eating out in Parys

For many years the small town of Parys in the Vredefort Dome area has attracted visitors to the many antique and arty shops.  I could spend hours browsing the enchanting wares.  Looking for a place to eat lunch we were put off by the fact that most restaurants have their outdoor seating facing the road.  We wanted to enjoy a ... Read More »

Weekend break at Thabela Thabeng in the Vredefort Dome area

2000 Million years ago (how do they figure that out?) a meteorite with a diameter of about 10 km hit what is now known as the Vredefort Dome area.  The area was declared a world heritage site in 2005.  The ‘ripples’ of hills which remain hold a sense of ancient wisdom, visiting feels like sitting in a grandparent’s lap.  We ... Read More »

Yes! Women can wear Men’s Jeans

For the past 2 years I have been desperate to replace my denim jeans.  The problem has been that I HATE stretch denim, I wanted 100% cotton which seems to be out of fashion.  To complicate things further I don’t like fake creases, fake fading, fake rips or any bells and whistles.  I also like dark blue denim which the ... Read More »

Easy Crustless Tuna Tart

This Tuna tart is quick to make and tastes good.  You can make it as one large 20 cm tart or as small tartletts which are more suitable for savory snacks. 2 eggs, lightly beaten 5 ml Worcester sauce about 40 ml fresh chopped herbs 1 salad pepper (capsicum) chopped salt and pepper to taste 1 can tuna fish 1 ... Read More »

Wanted, Arzberg Pacific Blue Crockery

As my 18th birthday present my parents gave me a set of beautiful china, I had 8 dinner plates, side plates, a tea-pot, tea cups and saucers.  The crockery is Arzberg which is still available in white but my set, the ‘Pacific Blue’ which is pretty little blue flowers on white was discontinued in the 1980’s.  When I started working ... Read More »