Breastfeeding what’s the hooha?

Recently the cover of Time magazine got a whole lot of peoples knickers in a twist.  Why does the image of a mother feeding her child fuel such revulsion,  judgment and fury?

I hate to burst any ones bubble but titties are mammary glands. If you read the scientific bumph we fall under the class of mammals, feeding their young is what mammals do.  Some humans choose not to, power to them.  Some battle with breastfeeding as I did with my first child and it’s great to have formula as an option but why is it so hard for some to accept other mothers choice to breastfeed.

My 22 month old little girl is still on the boob at sleep times.  Yup my mistake she’s conditioned to falling asleep while breastfeeding.  She does not suck a dummy and is not keen on the bottle.  It’s not great for my social life as only I can settle her.    I don’t get turned on while suckling my young.  She’s not being scarred for life.  What is the problem?

Acacia was born with group B strep, 1 in 10 babies born with that die.  She was in ICU for a week.  I held my precious sick baby fed her with wires stuck all over her and a drip in her little shaved head.  Since then she has only been sick with a cold twice and then she’s been better in two days.  She has never been on anti biotics since the 1st week.  I’m quite certain that I have breastfeeding to thank for that.

My only reservation is that being an older Mum (43) my bone density is not good and I have early osteoporosis.  I’m taking calcium supplements but should probably not be dishing out milk.  Still it’s my choice and I’m the only one affected.

As her 2nd birthday approaches I’m coming under a lot of pressure to drop the feeding but how will I get her to sleep?  Her afternoon naps will probably fall by the wayside, I’m not sure that I want that to happen.

I return to the point that this is my choice.  We live in a world where children are exposed to sex and violence on TV, computers and games.  Two year olds wear clothes with pictures of mean faced Ben 10, that’s all fine but if they have protracted exposure to mothers milk all hell breaks loose.


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