Paradise Holiday Resort – Natal South Coast

Paradise Holiday Resort

Until the year 2000 I lived in Pinetown and Durban.  In all those years I saw very little of the Natal South Coast.  Durbanites consider any trip more than 30km to warrant a packed lunch.  The South Coast was viewed as ‘That place where the uncouth Vaalies (Transvaalers) over-run during holiday season.’  The irony that I now visit as a lesser mortal Vaalie is not lost on me.  I now feel sad that I squandered opportunities to explore the area more.

On our most recent holiday, we spent 2 nights at Oribi Gorge then moved on to the South Coast.  I should probably not write a review about Paradise Holiday Resort.  I arrived in a foul mood and would not have been impressed by much short of having my own personal butler and would have been pissy if his name wasn’t Jeeves.  Read this knowing that it comes from a first impression grounded in grumpiness.

Our log cabin at Paradise Holiday Resort was light, airy and clean.  Unfortunately our shower did nothing for my mood on the first night, it was either scorching hot or ice cold with no in-between.  The following day the fault was sorted out and we enjoyed perfect showers thereafter.  My only other legitimate complaint was that the rooms are not serviced yet there was no scourer to wash dishes and the sample sized, cheap dishwash liquid was not enough to muster up much foam and was not refilled during our 3 night stay.  Had I arrived with my tail wagging this would barely be worth mentioning.

Marina Beach

Paradise Holiday Resort 2.5 km from Marina Beach has a caravan park, 16 Plettenberg park homes (I know these as prefabs) and 8 log cabins.  Marina Beach is a blue flag beach with a tidal pool.  We also visited the beach at Southbroom South which is not as flat but was less crowded and has a lovely lagoon.

As I said, take this review with a pinch of salt, my impression was tainted.  Let me know if you have stayed there, I would like to see other perspectives.


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  1. Oh my word u are going to think I am lying, but I have the same gripe on my half finished post about showers and dishes and our weekend away. I love the far South Coast {Hibiscus coast} and have not been there in years.

    • lol:) I believe you, look forward to reading your post. Oddly while this comment came through I was enjoying reading your blog.

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