Pretoria Zoo

Over the weekend we visited Pretoria Zoo.  Whilst seeing animals in captivity is sad, I believe that zoos have an important role in education and creating an environment where compassion and knowledge are nurtured.

For the 1st time we hired a toddler buggy which was easier than carrying children on the other hand it meant that Fjord was more interested in the vehicle than the animals.

Buggy Pretoria Zoo
The other must do when we visit is the cable car, which travels from one end of the zoo to the other.  As Cliff and the children left (I like to keep my feet on the ground) the heavens opened.  They waited at the other side for the rain to clear and I took shelter in the restaurant.


The elephants loved the mud after the storm.


This rhino was so very friendly, he came so close to the fence that we could have reached out and touched him.  When we walked away he followed us along the fence, we didn’t want to go.


On our previous visit Fjord established some kind of telepathic bond with a lemur, it was so sweet, they danced for each other and ran back and forth.  Unfortunately this time it hardly seemed to recognise him maybe it’s spirits were dampened by the wet weather.

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  1. I remember going on the cable cars when i was the same age as your kids. Sometimes I will have nightmares about them – espeically going over the rollers on the pillars (if that makes any sense to you at all) Thanks for an almost 30 year trip down memory lane x

    • I’m a ninny with them, my husband takes the fearless children and I wait with my feet firmly on the ground

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