Martin Waddell gets it right every time.


We discovered Martin Waddell at the library when Fjord was 2 the first book being ‘Tom Rabbit’.  I always choose books quite randomly but it was the Martin Waddell books which he asked for over and over.  I bought 2 packs of 10 Walker books at different times and despite the illustrators being different it was the Martin Waddell books which were the instant hits.  I can’t put my finger on what makes them special, they are all very different but he gets it right every time.

Acacia is now 2 and it’s the same with her, her favorite is “Owl Babies” she calls it “Beebee’s”

If you have children between 2 and 5 try this out, next time you go to the library take out 6 or 8 books, one being a Martin Waddell.  I’d like to know if your children also choose his as their favourite.

As a mother I love his books because my children love them, as an aspiring Children’s book author (Look out for ‘Snuffles and the Cloud People online soon) I’m downright jealous.

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