Rocktail Camp in Maputaland

It is 8 months since we visited Rocktail Camp and our son Fjord still talks about it about once a week.  We first spent a few nights at Mabibi Camp and moved across to Rocktail for a few nights.  In this unspoiled corner of paradise we experienced 2 sides of a rare coin.  At Mabibi Camp the rustic self catering cabins offered the most tranquil, restful break we have ever experienced.

At Rocktail we were kept busy with the amazing activities on offer which included a Scorpion walk, kids dune surfing  and the incredible Ocean experience.   Rocktail is about 10km from Mabibi Camp if you walk along the beach, they share very similar, magical snorkeling experiences.

Being the week before my 50th birthday, our stay at Rocktail was a big spoil.  The rooms set in the forest were heavenly and the free laundry service much appreciated.  Not having to prepare meals is the best treat for me.  We loved the meals although the children would have preferred a few more kid friendly meal options.

The ocean experience was unforgettable, our boat followed a pair of migrating humpback whales for a great distance and we watched them frolic and breach in a display of poetic movement.  Their rumbling conversation echoed in a deep place within beyond the chains of words. Acacia and I found the depths where we stopped to snorkel in open water a little unnerving but the rest of our party were enthralled.

I wish that I knew the names of all the beautiful tropical fish which paint the seascape in splashes of exotic colour.  Timing a trip to the area to coincide with low tides makes a world of difference.

Since our departure the children have been trying to plan a return visit, the cost is a little prohibitive.  Since you can’t really put a price on memories I guess we’ll have to go back one day.

Rocktail Camp does not have a web page, Cliff made our booking through

Sadly Rocktail Camp is currently closed, apparently there is a tender in process.  Many of the wonderful staff now work at Gugulesizwe

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