Gugulesizwe in Maputaland

Every day at Gugulesizwe in Maputaland held wonder, as we flitted between two worlds.  The sandy bush veld, home to extraordinary insects, marvelous golden orb spiders and even a rarely sighted Mozambique Shovel snout snake.  While snorkeling the ocean revealed eels, blue spotted ribbontail rays, and a wonderful reddish octopus who danced through the water to look pulsating out at us from the rocks.  Innumerable splendid fish flashed past like brilliant memories.  Our latent interest in snorkeling is now a full blown addiction and we can’t wait to explore the ocean further.  I have bought Cliff a copy of Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa and an underwater camera is on our wish list.

Every night this golden orb spider spun a web between the same 2 trees, starting around sunset. In the morning it was packed away
We watched ‘Jurassic Park’ under the stars
On the only rainy day (much needed) we read and played board games
This mozambique shovel snout was only about 25 cm long. A rare siting as they are seldom seen
Gugs is home to some fascinating bugs
Every day we looked forward to seeing how our towels were creatively transformed

Amazambane (potato) the cat is one in a million.

The staff at Gugs will light all memories with their radiant smiles.  MB who came looking for us and rescued us from being stuck on the sand road on our way to the camp was the best ever first impression.  He is one of earth’s rare humans who shines with that elusive ‘extra something’.  His knowledge and love for nature taught us so much.  Willowy Mandela and gentle Nombuso radiate kindness, every one who works there goes the extra mile.  The sustainable vegetarian menu was delicious, we had reservations about 9 year old fussy Acacia managing on a completely veg diet for 4 days but with a few minor exceptions she surprised us by loving the food.  They also catered for Fjord’s food allergies with care and fine attention to detail.

Gugulesizwe also has an adjoining camp, the research camp which can accommodate a group and is self catering.

We stayed at Gugulesizwe in January 2020

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