Sula’s take on an iced latte

Iced latte with a little twist
Iced latte with a little twist

I LOVE coffee, but with summer here hot coffee is a little less appealing.  I wanted to make an iced latte but did not like the idea of diluting the coffee with ice blocks to make a conventional iced latte, after much searching on the web I still could not find something which fitted the bill.  This is a sort of iced latte crossed with a coffee milkshake.  I use the ice cream to give the sweetness instead of sugar, it also gives a bit more body.  If you want to give it a bit on an edge, add a dash of suitable liqueur.  Sally Williams nougat liqueur would work well, I have made them with coffee liqueur which was pretty yummy.


100 ml espresso

150 ml milk (or enough to fill your mug, when combined with the coffee)

30 ml vanilla ice cream


Cool the espresso to room temp or refrigerate to cool

Place ingredients in a blender and whizz until there is some foam

add a shot of something for a boozy zing if desired



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  1. Hmmm… I should try this. Can never get enough of latte’s. my guilty pleasure.

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