The Great Moscow Circus, the antidote to the Great ANC circus

Ah why not, I’ll do 2 happy posts today.  There you go Jo more #Winningatparenting 🙂  Tomorrow we pray and march and the most you’ll get from me is a few protest Instagrams.  When Cliff announced that he was getting us tickets to The Great Moscow Circus at Carnival City I was very appreciative but did sort of wonder if that much money could be more sensibly used.  Fortunately just before he booked I heard a radio ad that some shows were reduced by 50%.  We went to the circus yesterday afternoon and it was AMAZING!!  It was funny, it was nail biting and it was all brilliantly executed.  I don’t want to give much away as everything was a wonderful surprise.

From the first act my mouth quite literally hung open.  Then the ring master had me crying with laughter.  None of us could choose a favourite act, every one was so incredibly good but I will say that my lasting memory will be of the ring master.  He twinkled with good cheer which was balm to a heavy heart.

Walking out Cliff and I agreed that even if we had paid full price we would have felt that we got value.  The Great Moscow Circus will be a joyful part of our children’s memories forever, you can’t really put a price on that.  The show is 2 hours long excluding the 20 min interval.  There are only 4 days left including today and all tickets have been reduced by 50%.  Trust me on this one, buy tickets and go before they leave SA.

** Buying drinks and popcorn at the circus are VERY expensive, had we known that we could take our own drinks and popcorn in we most certainly would have.  You can’t take a cooler box or a picnic basket

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  1. Would love to go! The refreshments are usually very steep!

  2. And…mamma redeemed is posted … not once, but twice…#you’vegotthis 😉

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