Time more precious than diamonds in Cullinan

Cappuccinos and cake were a real treat at La Pate a Choux

I don’t really buy into the “Me time” thing.  The phrase seems to echo the selfie vibe.  Looking back on my time a young single mother, my greatest regrets center around the times when I put my wants ahead of what was best for my children.  The logic seemed sound, “happy children need a happy mother”.  Well that was a crock, and I have to live with the associated guilt.  I cherish time with a book and a cup of coffee, or sitting under a tree taking in the peace of nature, moments of indulgence and solitude are lovely but I don’t feel that they have to be a goal surrounded by a song, dance and selfie.  I have a feeling that I’m not expressing what I want to.  Anyway this isn’t even about “me time”, it’s about Cliff and I sharing an amazing weekend away, but to label it as “us time” would sort of kill the magic.

The carved wood pieces in our room, a reminder that special things require special attention

Last weekend the children went on a cub scouts camp for 2 nights.  In the last 11 years, we have not been away anywhere without the children (the younger 2 benefit from the mistakes of my youth).  Knowing that the children would be having a great time, Cliff booked for us to spend those 2 nights in Cullinan.  We stayed at Dolphin Whisper Guest house (I had a good chuckle at the name, it reminded me of the budgie which I wanted to name Fish).  At times the rediscovery of my husband felt almost  as surreal as finding a dolphin frolicking in a dusty street.  We stayed in the honeymoon suite where we shared jacuzzi baths sipping wine and chatting in the soft glow of candle light.


During the days we walked around Cullinan stopping for coffee or a beer.  We browsed books at Once Upon a Time bookstore,  and visited every quaint shop in an unhurried luxury of time.  We rediscovered conversation beyond sentences beginning with “Have you …..?”  or “Did you remember to ……?”  We even had an afternoon nap.  On Saturday night we did go on a 2 hour round trip  to join the children for cubs campfire.  It was Acacia’s first camp and we knew that they would want us there.  It was fun sitting around the campfire singing silly songs anyway.

I was enchanted by the porcelain doll collection outside our room. They had belonged to Lihanna’s mum
Lihanna makes the best fruit salad’s I’ve ever had!

I don’t know when we will share time like that again, opportunities are all but non existent, we won’t be striving for it as a goal but we will cherish the impact which the time had on our relationship.  It was good to see each other through fresh eyes, and I really liked what I saw.



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  1. So glad you spent time together and that you cherish it. A very important thing to do. (I am telling everyone to appreciate their husbands now that mine is out of action in hospital…)

    • Oh Heather I’ve just read your posts about Brett’s stroke. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sending love. I tried to find your phone number on your page to call instead of just comment but I couldn’t find it.

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