Welcome to Skimming Stones, my blog’s new home


A stone skipping over water enchants the mind, always wanting one more hop, one more movement which defies natural law.  One more centre sending out endless ripples.  The stones in our  lives, thoughts, experiences, people and emotions may sink from view but they remain in the other world of memory, they become part of the structure of who we are.  The ripples from those stones grow ever outward, circles within circles.  Here on my blog I’m tossing out what ever is on my mind,  it is my hope that some of these stones will find a place in your thoughts or lives, if even for a moment.

I should have moved my WordPress blog Sula1968 to my own page a long time ago, one cause of delay was that I could not decide on a name.  When I started Sula1968, I knew nothing about blogging and didn’t realize when I was setting my blog name, then I was stuck with it.  This time I considered names like ‘Simply Sula’ or ‘Sula Says’ but those felt a bit Oscar Pistorius “me, me, me”.  So here we are, onwards and forwards.

My brother Paul who owns PrintWild and WildWeb set up the page for me and imported all my old posts.   My husband Cliff helped to install plugins (I’m still not sure what those are) and got my stats up and running.  My daughters boyfriend Duncan did some clever background webby stuff and got the subscriptions working so that you can follow my blog.  I would really love it if you choose to follow my new blog.  I have also set up a Facebook page which you can follow if you don’t like clutter in your inbox.

PS – Many moons ago, I met my husband on matchmaker.com my alias was there “Ripples from a Stone”.  That stone is still sending out circles

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  1. I like the title Sipping Stones. It invokes childhood memories.

    • Thank you Mpush, it is one of those which gives a good feeling, I love that mental space and don’t visit there often enough

  2. Your new site looks really good, love the name. Will definitely follow here too.

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