What if Zuma didn’t know the Nkandla costs?

Let’s do a creative exercise in imagination. Cast thoughts of corruption into a dark room in your mind and close the door. Now with a pure of heart Jacob Zuma in mind let’s believe that he didn’t have a clue what costs were being incurred in the building of his home, chicken coop et al. Immediately I have a sense of anxiety. This is the man running our country, the lives of South Africans are in his hands and he is clueless! How can I trust this man to run our country when he doesn’t know what is going on under his own roof?

Continue with the creative exercise and forget that you didn’t really believe the not guilty ruling in his rape case. In fact set aside the rape scenario. Our esteemed president let his willie overrule all reason and good sense. He had unprotected sex with a HIV+ woman. I’m not even going near the shower story. Please someone explain to me how he could be that daft. Again I have a problem, how can I trust this man? If he cannot control his horniness for the good of his own health, how can he control a country?

Whether we believe him or don’t the picture is bleak. I think that I should go suck my thumb in a corner of that dark mental room. The problem is that the world of make-believe is as scary as reality.

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