Zandspruit Padstal

Zandspruit BiltongZandspruit preserves

On the trip between Joburg and Durban we stopped at Zandspruit Padstal (about 50km from Harrismith on the N3) for a leg stretch.  As a rule we try to avoid the busy chain food outlets at petrol stations which are overpriced and have zero appeal.  Stopping at a Padstal we feel that the holiday has begun before reaching our destination.

I love padstals, they generally have a warm, welcoming feel about them.  I’m drawn to shelves packed with jams and curious curios.

Acacia did not eat the tuna rolls which I made as padkos (travel food), biltong (dried meat) from the padstal was the perfect healthy snack for her.  We enjoyed ice lollies on the lawn before continuing our journey.

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  1. Zandspruit Padstal.
    Top pecans & nutz.

    do you have any contact number for the padstal

  2. Hi I need your contact number urgently please. I think that I left my wallet there this morning.

    • Sorry I really hope you find your wallet, I do not own or work at the stall, only wrote a blog post about when we stopped by

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