It was the worst of times, it was the best of times, week ending 18 July 2021

I don’t know where to start, what a terrifying, awful, sickening and wonderful week. I believe that the madness and looting could have been nipped in the bud if the police had taken decisive action against the small gathering outside Nkandla before Zuma went to jail. Those people were breaking the rules against gathering and got away with it. The start of the week was so scary. We networked with friends who are weaponised and made plans that should the violence reach our area we would go to them. The fresh produce shelves in shops were cleaned out as panic shopping took place. The air was grim and foreboding. Thank God, our greater area remained calm. The Germiston/Edenvale SPCA was looted, these are the details if you want to help them. First National BankACC.NO.: 5111 271 6150BRANCH: East Gate (250 655)Secure donation via PayFast: donations are tax deductible and a Section 18A Certificate is available upon request.We care and so do you❤

On Tuesday Cliff received this picture from a work supplier in Pinetown. Dick (a black man) built up his business and factory with hard work and passion. He has to start over. The product which he makes goes into a mine safety product, is unique and not available elsewhere. When Cliff tried to contact him he was out trying to hussle some food. I can’t imagine how he must be feeling.
On Wed I saw two things which swung my mood. The first was a video of a man playing bagpipes at the Umhlanga community security check point. The other was this image of taxis protecting a mall, alongside news that various taxi associations had organised and taken upon themselves to stand against the looters. Not only has this led to gratitude and respect now, but generalizations against taxi drivers will be reviewed in future. The shift in mood was almost immediate. I felt a strong sense that what was happening will bring our nation together like nothing ever before. We’ve had superficial bonding moments like hosting the world cup, but this is real. At the coalface of devastation, fear, anger and despair, good won. What could have been a powder keg igniting racial hatred and possibly even civil war became a moment of spiritual power and beauty. This week has made me so grateful to be South African, it has made me want to stay, it has made me laugh and feel National pride.
The Indian community around Durban were hard hit in the riots and looting. Most food stores in the Durban area which were not looted were closed for the week, leaving citizens hungry. Messages like this were heartwarming. In turn people of all faiths and races came together to protect the mosques.
This week proved that good and evil have no race. Some petty politicians have tried to give things a racial spin to take the focus off their complicity and ineptitude. Thank God, they have failed.

It’s not going to be all sunshine and roses. The scale of damage and loss in near incomprehensible. Stages of grief and PTSD will take all affected citizens on a long and painful journey. My brother joined his community patrols and afterward joined in cleaning up. Below is a video that he sent me after taking part in a local clean up, there are another 2 from him on my Rumble page. Clean ups like this are happening all over and the images and videos are very moving. My sister-in-law shared that she overheard someone saying “Remember the good old days of Covid-19”. Nothing beats SA humour. Messages like this one from the Zulu king also damped the flames.

Many a true word said in jest

Aside from all hell breaking loose and heaven touching our hearts, some normal stuff happened.

It was a very cold week. This ice was on our fishpond at 1pm on Wed, from the previous night
Restaurants are still in dire straits with curfews and the booze ban crippling the industry. We bought takeaways from Ocean Basket to do our bit toward supporting this sector.
We haven’t used the lounge for months as it’s still a work in progress, but the cold weather demanded that we light a fire and the furniture was moved back in.
Acacia re-painted the wooden name letters on her door and painted this bird cut out which Mum gave her years ago.

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