Late Motherhood


I guess it’s easier to keep up with thoughts typing but there’s something special about pen and paper.  The 2 poems below are for the poetry competition which I reblogged earlier this month, they had to contain the words dusk and / or dawn.  I’m not sure which is better so submitted both.  I struggled with this challenge for days and still not sure if I got it right.  Which do you prefer?


After the searing noon of youth
Hedonistic mirages
Altered truth
Blazing colour
Unforgiving light
Slow I fused
With shadow and night
Substance diminished
Spirit worn
Then as a new day
You were born
Your sweet song
Heralded dawn
Singing of hope
Fresh newborn
Your dewy shades
Clear and new
A compass pointing
to what is true
Together we meet
untarnished new day
Treading gently
To chart your way.

2nd poem same title, different take

I am dusk
You are dawn
As my colours fade
Yours in freshness born

I am husk
You are dew
My spirit jaded
Yours pure and true

I am dusk
You are dawn
Your wings flex for flight
Mine in rest, indrawn

I am dusk
You are dawn
You tenderly lead me
To an untarnished morn

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  1. I Love Both Poems!! Wonderful job and Congrats.! God Bless!

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