Pampering and trendy kids hair at Maddy Magoo in Bedford Square

Leaving Maddy Magoos kids hair salon in Bedford Square, Acacia (6) exclaimed “This is the BEST DAY EVER!!”, it may have slipped her mind that 5 days prior she was at Disney on Ice.  Or maybe not.  Swishing her straightened hair she walked tall with a spring in her step.

how awesome to lie down for hair wash.  I remember the neck agony of childhood hair cuts

We were welcomed to Maddy Magoo by Pamela with a Carly Simon wide smile.  Jabu cut Fjord’s hair (the best cut he’s ever had) .  Acacia was made to feel like a princess by Lerato.  Both children sat mesmerized by Disney movies while deftly wielded scissors did their work.

While haircuts were in progress I chatted to Pamela at the front desk and owner Adelaide, Adelaide’s baby was due the day that we were there and yet there seemed no place she would rather be than right there.  The salon opened on 1 July 2017, quite a feat to launch a new enterprise while heavily pregnant.  If I were Adelaide, I would not have found the energy which she seems to have in abundance.

The prices at Maddy Magoo are more than we normally would spend on a kids haircut, had we not been given vouchers at the Kids Emporium blogger’s breakfast it’s unlikely that I would have looked past the cost, however I now appreciate the fact that Maddy Magoo is more about an experience than a simple haircut.  I’m sure that we shall be going back, the children will not be happy if I take them anywhere else.

Acacia said that she would give Maddy Magoo 100 stars out of 100

You can find Maddy Magoo on their website or Bedford branch on Facebook and Instagram







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