Trains beautiful trains at the Rand Society of Model Engineers

If it weren’t for blogging I would not have discovered one of the coolest kids outings in Jo’burg.  Thank you Dianne for commenting on my post about the Stellenbosch Toy Museum and enriching my children’s childhood.  If you are a parent living in Jo’burg a visit to RSME (Rand Society of Model Engineers) is beyond a must, particularly if you have boy children, correction, if you have brothers, husbands, fathers or grandfathers.   Our 6 year old daughter Acacia loved it too so let’s not be sexist either.

The soundtrack to our morning at RSME was all in the vein of “Oh WOW” “Look at that!!” “Check those pistons” “Please can we have another ride” “This is AWESOME” and variations thereon, peppered with the sound of locomotives breathing steam, the occasional toot and the clatter of wheels on tracks.

You can visit the Rand Society of Model Engineers in Florida, Johannesburg, every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month (except in Dec).  What’s more a visit does not cost an arm and a leg.  Entry is free!  The only cost was R10 per ride on the train.  Hotdogs and snacks are available, or you can take a picnic.



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  1. Looks like amazing fun! The same type of setup is also in Centurion for those that are in the Pretoria area

  2. It is a pleasure Sula, so glad to hear that you all enjoyed it. The photos look stunning

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