Valentines – Romantic Verses competition, Win a R500 PrintWild Voucher

Win a R500 voucher from Printwild
Win a R500 voucher from Printwild

ANNOUNCEMENT 1 March 2015, the winner of this competition is Mabasa Zimunya, congratulations!  Our judge had a tough time choosing a winner.  Look out for our next competition.  Thank you to all those who submitted work.

Here is Mabasa’s winning poem

Cupid, the sniper   (11 Feb 2015)

Cupid must be the world’s finest sniper.
Blindfolded, radarless
With an unguided rudimentary missile
He shoots straight at a target in one attempt
Hitting the heart missed decades back.
Valentine’s comes annually for most,
Occasionally for some,
An eternity for others
Until the mercenary sniper shoots
To pamper with pleasure
Allowing February to resurrect.
Cupid must be a sniper.

The poems of finalists were sent to an independent judge and she had the following to say about Mabasa’s work   “What I like about Mabasa’s work is that it feels more universal, and less subjective than the other finalists.  It feels to me as if it has more substance, more heart, even though it may display fewer “tricks” than the other entries.  It also focussed directly on the theme of your competition and the idea of Cupid as a sniper is a gem – putting such a fresh and almost militaristic idea on a clichéd theme is brave and brilliant.”


It’s February and Love is in the air.   This month Skimming Stones is looking for poetry about LOVE, and the winner gets a R500 Gift Voucher from PrintWild.   Sharing is caring so pass this on to your poetic friends and get writing.

The competition

Calling poets to submit original work using the theme LOVE

A maximum of 2 poems may be submitted

Please submit your work by the deadline of 14 February 2015, winners will be announced on 1st March 2015

e-mail submissions to

You may also post your submission here on Skimming Stones under the comments section below.

The winning poet must be a resident of South Africa

With your entry please provide your contact details.

The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

NOTE :  This prize is carried forward from the Christmas / New Year, poetry competition for which there were insufficient entries.  This time regardless of number of entries a winner will be chosen

PS – Many moons ago I wrote the lyrics for a Valentines song, this was set to music by a talented artist and he recorded it as a duet with a lady singer.  It was played on East Coast Radio on Valentines Day.  The project was completed in 2 days from start to finish


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  1. This is such a lovely prize Sula and your lyrics for the Valentine song so deep and moving

    AT YOU!

  3. Joren Warren Joubert

    Alicia Keys – Universal Valentine (aka Knightly).

    If AKeys.UniversalValentine true {
    Then Repeat.PlayTitle ; Knightly Love
    Else; DoWhile.Play Universal Valentine
    Time.Seconds Of: Everyday{
    Universal Valentine – Alicia Keys, please will you
    be mine. Each day including every Valentine.

    We’ll need no rehearsal or your Monied
    purse FULL. After reading, would you still paint me a love-crazed fool? Let’s do undress Rehearsal cos you’ll be my precious pearl. Escaping
    darkness, trapped from shell on pearl Harbour…
    (PH- Poet Heaven – Please Hurry – People’s Hero
    –Praying Harder).

    We’ll make Love not war… (ren’s the name)…
    and You are the one that I’ll always adore, Now and forever more. You’ll be Known around the world as “Rescued Pearl” discovered by common Man along Dreamy sea-shore. I promise never to be a blatant bore, play games but, keep no score, whilst your heart I try & win, Lyrically soaking, Lathering into perfectly projected skin.

    As I’m typing your T.Y.P.E.. (Tell your People Everywhere).

    Note as the Title Above.. Shifts to “Knightly Love” in BOLD..the serenade of a common man like me, and Alicia Keys.. Hold on tight as I take
    you on a Lyrically infinite love Flight..

    Each time you read this, every Blissful Knight, whilst
    hugging your favourite pillow tight.
    (Like you, I want to know – How it feels to Fly –
    with you)

    I’m not mere common flirt… nor clench tightly but, Knightly, carry you and fine night skirt…Everywhere around the universe. Oops, that was supposed be First Verse. We’d be doing everything… for better or for worse.. Wait it gets
    better… To the sound of Opera.

    For You I’ll milk the milky way…Every second of every blissful day.. We’d make taste of everything.. seem so much sweeter, now and forever. Not
    just today.. XoXo Love always long as we together.

    Our Love adds Sparkle to Stars in all
    skies, Galaxies and dreams beyond the furthest.. embedded deep in your beautiful Eyes.. aahh
    what bliss!!

    Second universe, Angel-winged verse.. things still getting better??. Our Life Promises no bye byes. Carry you off, away from dark dreary skies,into radiant Knightly mist of Forever.
    Hold’on ma, Still it gets better,together..???

    Looking out at the starry Evening, Tell me more about the God you Believe In.. Weave’s, like bead-less Celestial necklace made especially for
    you. One for every blissful night… spend MORE time with me never without… Hug my scented lyrical shoulder pillow, I’ll squeeze you gently tight. Body temperature never reaching Zero.

    P.S: Love Always – Warren, Your lyrical Hero.

    Wow!! What a first imaginary Kiss! Could it be, Am I really serenading Alicia Keys??

    Never in Billions of years would I reduce you to Tears.. or guessed, that you’d be impressed.. Right Now…
    Infinite WOW!!. Serenade you every starry night.

    Forever more, sweetly as our passions start to take first flight. Off into forever, together – Create Finest memories, how did’ we come to this…
    infinite Bliss…

    The reckoning & Beckoning. World Make me lyrical King..Mr. Former-Has-been, now Crowned King. Lyrically unfold my true feelings, for you…
    Design you celestial Wedding ring.. too.

    Though for now LOVE is not all Bring. So Your sweet sounds brought me to this…?? The writings of would-
    be writer, Husband or the frog in our koi-fish pond. Ha-ha yes, me, ever the lover not fighter.

    Fighting Knightly for your love and Honour. All of
    the TIME!!! One day at a time!! Fairest Piano Lady,
    will Thee be mine on Valentine.

    I have no platinum hits that sell.. but come bearing Sea shells… for us to commune serenades fro and to, one another like Wave and Tide. Tidily… Heavenly, Whisper your
    natural splendour known to me as words, talking and manner of speaking. Know this,relentlessly
    will I keep searching… seeking your Blissful kiss Resounding everywhere, starting with your Cyber
    Lips… Please reciprocate tender Love & Care?

    My Beautiful Musical Teddy-bear.

    Till then, I’ll be Fighting ‘Knightly for your love and Honour. All of the TIME!!! One day at a time!!
    Fairest Piano Lady, will Thee be mine on this Valentine?

  4. LOVE

    A thing, a word, a feeling cannot at once all be the same.
    Love is a language, a verb, a noun has effect when I call your name.
    Defying rules, science and the law of yesteryear and today
    A word with so much power, the tongue speaks what the heart wants to say.
    What is a father, a sister or a friend without this quality?
    Nothing but a stone cold heart, hurt by another. Love nowhere to be seen.
    Love is not a sad story, it has room to welcome change.
    An open heart is all it requires, two willing parties, no feelings of strange.
    Many things is what love is not, on those things do not ponder.
    Your own heart joined to another, endless goodness you wil learn to discover

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