Windy week ending 15 Aug 2021

Spring wants to arrive but winter is slow to relinquish it’s grasp. I’ll stick to the picture summary of our highlights.

In the C19 diary, I think this is now the 3rd week of not hearing of any new cases, which is great! J is still in hospital and I keep hoping for her to turn the corner. I chatted to a friend who is still recovering, she had a very bad case and was worried about a bad outcome being diabetic, she self medicated and used oxygen at home and was never hospitalised. She included Ivy Mc Tin in her treatment. Dr Susan Vosloo has been in the news after a video, where she shared her views was shared widely. I was fortunate to hear her speak and meet her in person in May. With her permission I recorded her short speech and uploaded it on Rumble. As is the current norm she is now being threatened, mocked and maligned for not bowing to the mainstream narrative. She was the first female doctor in South Africa to perform a heart transplant. A Telegram group “We Stand with Dr. Vosloo” was created on the weekend and it already has 8438 members, many of whom are sharing stories of how she has touched, and saved lives.

I am pretty darn lucky, been craving Turkish delight and Cliff made some.

Shadow was a real matted mess after months without a haircut. She had to have a summer cut (rather unfortunate timing). Acacia will have to make more effort to brush her regularly.

Acacias watercolour painting of a Rabbit done at her art class this week
I want to work at remembering and applying the Scout laws in daily life
Often when I drop Fjord at Orchestra rehearsal in Benoni, I take myself off for breakfast. I utterly endorse and respect freedom of choice, but take exception to medical bribery and coercion. Until now the closest practical option was Wimpy but now due to them punting a medical choice with the reward of a free coffee, they have been added to my ever growing boycott list. I found the Pink Piano in Northmead, which was lovely and as an added bonus I supported a small business instead of a big chain.
The week ended with a 1 night scout camp. Due to lockdown restrictions, the big Kontiki raft building camp can’t be held. Instead we had Nontiki, tasks were set and submitted online. The theme was Neverland. Much fun was had, and out of 26 groups ours came first. I was there as an adult leader. I’m yet to have a good night’s sleep on a camp, this time the wind was really wild and the flapping of the tent was not conducive to sleep. However it was quite a moving and powerful experience, it was interesting to note how sleeping in a house separates us so dramatically from the elements.

And now, I must get down to a heap of laundry and some housework.

Here’s my song for the week, I had a feeling that the radio DJ who played it on Wed was sending a little message

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