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Chaos and Order, right and wrong

At the children’s insistence I am reading The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, the books are woven around Egyptian mythology.  Central is the concept of Ma’at (order in the universe) and Chaos. I write because I love language, word play and it is a medium through which sometimes in golden moments I feel part of something bigger and better outside ... Read More »

Zuck off WhatsApp, Hello Telegram and Signal

I’m not leaving Whatsapp due to security issues (apparently they’ve already violated my privacy).  I’m leaving because I can. In 2020 mindsets shifted dramatically.  Fear motivated the world to surrender freedom.  Never in history have so many been so powerless.  I’ve had enough of being treated like a delinquent child.  I’m a responsible adult.   Governments have controlled and tried ... Read More »

Headache free Hoodie masks

I’m one of those people who has been OTT careful with Covid19, I wash and sanitize everything that comes into my house.  I wear a 4 layer mask in this pattern when I go to the shops.  My children spent 6 months at home doing online schooling.  This term we felt that it was time for them to go back ... Read More »

Acaciaś bath bombs

Me and my mom found a bath bomb recipe.It is really easy to make.  We changed a few recipes because they were too crumbly.  We make half circles in cake pop moulds because we do not have other moulds, or we press them inside a cookie press to make shapes.   You can use other oils but we like coconut oil ... Read More »

slime recipe (Acacia´s second blog post)

ingredients : Borax powder Polyvinyl alcohol food coloring (optional) glitter (optional) mix 2% borax with hot water stir until the borax is dissolved you can put it in a bottle or container. Then in another container mix 4%   Polyvinyl alcohol with hot water this will take a bit longer to mix into the water. Next put this into another ... Read More »

Bread maker Rye Bread recipe

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sula (@sulaskimmingstones) I have made the same Russell Hobbs rye bread recipe a few times but it always collapsed and failed.  I tweaked it a few times and at last have success.   Previously the dough was a little too wet, I slightly decreased the volume of water and added a little ... Read More »

Puppies (Acaciaś first blog post)

We got a puppy from a lady in Pretoria. She is a salt and pepper minature schnuzer. for a day or two we didn´t  know what to name her, but soon we named her Shadow .We named her Shadow because she follows me a lot, and she is dark. Shadow is a pure breed and she is healthy, but when ... Read More »

Making fabric face masks

I find it depressing that making face masks cropped up on my crafting agenda but we live in strange times.  I am a housewife with NO medical knowledge  and don’t know if masks make a difference with transmission of Covid19 but if there’s a chance that they do I’m going to take that chance.  I also don’t know to what ... Read More »

Suicide note

I’ve taken Twitter off my phone after looking too much at #coronavirus.  I follow someone called Harry Chen PhD, of course this is the internet and he/she could be a spotty teen with a computer anywhere in a world full of fake news but much of the content seems legit and is way scary. A video recently posted stuck in ... Read More »

Special not spooky Ghost Mountain Inn

The word ‘Inn’ always hooks my imagination.  Preceding it with ‘Ghost Mountain’ is utterly Enchanting.  On our trip to Gugulesizwe we broke the drive with an overnight stop.  Despite an array of choices in the proximity of Mkuze I could not be swayed from my fixation on Ghost Mountain Inn. Children under 12 stayed free which is very welcome on ... Read More »