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Slow cooking and new flooring our week ending 25 April 21

I’m not going to waffle much about this week, the pics sum up what we’ve been up to. Made this sgraffito mug for Cliff Acacia decorated this mug with under glaze After living with a concrete floor for many months at last the parquet flooring is being laid. Cliff had quotes for this to be laid but was not prepared ... Read More »

2 weeks ending 18 April 2021

In the past week I’ve had 2 family visits over and above Cliff’s parents who have been here for 2 months staying in the outside cottage. It was a bit of a squash and a squeeze when my brother and his family spent a night with us but was wonderful to have them here. Mum was here for a brief ... Read More »

Bread maker Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich)

Bee sting cake is not very sweet other than the almond topping the flavour is subtle . The 3 textures of yeasted cake, custard filling and almond topping create a unique balance This week I made bee sting cake, the German name is Bienenstich. Traditionally this is a labour intensive bake, but this recipe is simple and flop proof. The ... Read More »

Fabric painting using Freezer or plastic Kraft paper stencils

We printed a cross onto freezer paper, ironed it onto an old T shirt, painted with blue fabric paint then fabric glitter paint. Acacia added extra patterns (to hide old stains) While with Domi in Canada we watched a sewing video which showed how to iron freezer paper onto fabric creating a very clean shape to use as a stencil. ... Read More »

Our week ending Easter Sunday 4 April 2021

Public holidays make for a very chilled vibe. Now the children are ODing on chocolate, I guess it’s one one day when this is par for the course. I made 3 batches of Hot cross buns this week. Always so much better than the shop bought ones. Domi has suggested brushing them with butter before piping on the crosses and ... Read More »

Augrabies Falls in January 2021

I was plodding along nicely in Feb, getting back into the swing of attending to Skimming Stones, then suddenly whisked myself off to Canada. Now I return to early January 2021. If you ask me where my favorite place in South Africa is, off the top of my head the first answer will be Augrabies in the Northern Cape. I’m ... Read More »

Music and mud week ending 28 March 2021

I have not shopped at Edgars for a very long time. Passing through their store in a mall I spotted shorts on sale and Cliff needed some urgently. My heart soared when I noticed that they were made in South Africa. It is a pity that the fabric comes from China. When I lived in Natal, Frame textiles was a ... Read More »

Bread maker Pineapple and Lime jam

Pineapple and Lime Bread machine jam I have used a bread machine (well I’m on my 3rd) for 10 years and for some reason although I have known that they can be used to make jam I just never gave that option much thought. I have never made jam, I think that not having pectin may have been a factor, ... Read More »

Stuffed Eggplant and sausage bread

Domi recently reminded me about the delicious stuffed bread which Duncan makes. She was asleep when I needed the recipe, I looked up a few recipes then made up my own to suit the ingredients which I had on hand. Here is the recipe Sausage and Eggplant (Brinjal) stuffed bread INGREDIENTS 500 grams bread dough 1/4 cup (60ml) finely chopped ... Read More »

Maple Cookies

After my uncle gave me a big bottle of maple syrup, I am searching for ideas how to use it. My main worry is that the delicate flavour will be lost in anything where other ingredients may overwhelm it. Fjord has nut allergies which can translate to being allergic to certain honeys, depending on the source of the pollen, which ... Read More »