The Worth of a woman – poem

Back in 2011, an online jewellery story The Daisy Chain, ran a poetry competition with the given topic being “A woman of worth”.  I was delighted to win 1st prize and a R500 voucher.  Sadly the Daisy Chain has ceased to exist.

The worth of a woman

The shape of her laughter

The truth of her gaze

Her springtime unfurling

Summer colours ablaze


The fire of her passion

The well of her peace

Her downy embrace

And the gift to release


The night sky is her understanding

Sunrise her letting go

She’s the lure of the oceans tide

The mountain from whence

Rivers flow


She is fluid as lava

Solid as stone

Earthbound and winged

Spirit and bone


No scale can measure

Her value or worth

Her soul is moon

But her substance, earth

When you think you can hold her

She runs through your fingers

Substance is passing

But essence lingers

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