Reach Out – High school matric farewell assembly poem

My Mum has asked me for a few of my old poems.  Since I have to type them out, I may as well put them here.  This poem was written when I was in matric for our farewell assembly at Maris Stella Convent School in Durban (1986).


Reach out, toward the future

Do not regret the past

You can mould tomorrow

Destiny’s not precast

You are a creator

Breathe life into your dreams

Sing with the birds in the morning

Rest by quiet streams

Do not reach for wealth and glory

They’ll elude your grasp

and leave you weary

Be selfless, not selfish

Be full and fruitful

It is in your hands

To make the world beautiful

Be the one to colour the grey

Be the one to delight in the day

Reach out for the light

It shines before you

Turn not to the shadows

Dwell not in the night

Reach out rather in giving

than to receive

Let truth guide your life

Do not aim to deceive

Gaze at the stars

and aim for eternity

God is waiting there

hold out your hand and touch him

His spirit longs to share

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